nOthinZ Casual Shoe Breeze Marquis - Dark Green
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Breeze Marquis Design

This versatile, venerable comfort shoe just got a whole lot more comfortable. Our new patent pending design features an interchangeable elastic “sling back” strap. Straps on polymer shoes are typically stiff and uncomfortable, and force the foot into the toe of the shoe. Our “give and take” strap gently cradles the foot, and is virtually unnoticeable when worn. It snaps off, tucks behind a heel notch or over the top of the shoe if not needed. Our fully supported ergonomic arch and full impact heel were designed for complete leg and back comfort. Lightweight, waterproof and durable, the Breeze feels like wearing NothinZ™ at all.

  • Item #: 700-0021
  • Manufacturer: nOthinZ
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 448135

nOthinZ Casual Shoe Breeze Marquis - Dark Green

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